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    Enhance your kitchen space with these 4 smart storage ideas

    Are you tired of disorganized pots and pans and cluttered countertops? If it always feels like you never have enough storage in the kitchen despite the many drawers and cabinets, it all comes down to how you are using them. Even if you have all the storage space in the world, if it is not used effectively, it won’t matter. So here are some smart storage solutions for you to make the most of the space in your kitchen:

    ● Store in plain sight

    If you are looking for a way to make your kitchen look clean and organized and also keep all your everyday utensils within reach, open shelves are the best option. Open shelving makes the space look more spacious and creates a modern but relaxing environment.

    ● Concealed storage

    Another great way to keep your kitchen looking spick and span is concealed or hideaway storage. You can maximize the storage space using pantry-style shelves as well as sleek pullout drawers. If you are someone who likes their minimal aesthetic, this is perfect for you.

    ● Vertical storage

    Even if your kitchen does not have room for a walk-in pantry, it does not mean that you have to let go of all the essential storage space. Cabinets that make use of the height of the kitchen can be turned into a functional pantry, without wasting any space. You can customize them for drawers and shelves of different sizes to suit your different storage needs.

    ● Put pots and pans in their place

    When you store your pots in a drawer or neatly stack them on a shelf, you will notice that your kitchen immediately looks more clean. If you feel that your pans will not fit into the drawers, remember that you always have the option of customizing.

    The best way to incorporate these solutions in your kitchen is through custom kitchen design ideas. Get in touch with us if you need custom kitchen design in miami.