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    The firm Fesfoc launches a new design of luminous luxury planters, they are designed to enhance any type of space, whether interior or exterior. The Jungle luminous planter, as the name implies, represents the nature dressed in a planter. It is inspired by the vegetation of the jungle, and its presence transmits life and freshness. Its exquisite finishes are designed to enhance the space where they are located. Designed with the best materials and taking into account the smallest detail, we find them in stainless steel, corten steel and painted galvanized steel. They are essential to create exquisite spaces, in addition to being able to manufacture them with other measures outside the catalog, if the client so desires. They can be customized with the logo of a hotel, restaurant. Designed to withstand the inclement weather, both in winter and summer. Equipped with the latest in outdoor lighting of high luminosity, with it you will be able to give the desired prominence to the area where it is located. Inside they are covered with special opal methacrylate for Led, which amplifies and distributes the light evenly throughout the screen. The visual sensation is of seeing a plasma screen. Said methacrylate is bright both inside and outside, making cleaning as easy as possible and keeping its maintenance virtually zero. This design is not the only thing that makes them special, the Fesfoc firm gives them a touch of elegance with a miter in its lower part, which gives it a buoyancy effect, visible more than 10 meters away, which makes them the center of attention. The Jungle design creates and modernizes spaces with small details and great ideas. This gardener with light is not only a way to incorporate the natural element to a terrace or balcony, but it can also be the ideal complement to your garden or hotel and restaurant entrances. This spectacular pot with light is ideal for a minimalist decoration in elegant and natural environments.