modern rugs Illulian


The quality of ILLULIAN’s fine rugs,
a balance between tradition and modernity for the finest corners of design

Illulian, historic and prestigious rug company brand, internationally renowned in the field of design and luxury custom handmade rugs, has never stopped evolving in its over 60 years of activity through a process of uninterrupted growth, participating in great projects and collaborating with prestigious figures in the world of architecture, design, and fashion.

Founded in 1959, the rug company now headed by Shahnaz Illulian and her sons Davis and Bendis Ronchetti, is an exclusive benchmark in the field of antique as well as luxurious contemporary rugs, with collections that, besides being exclusive furnishing proposals, represent true works of art that retain their charm unaltered over time.

Headquartered in Via Manzoni 41 in the Milan fashion district, Illulian holds both the most innovative contemporary proposals that reflect the latest design trends, as well as truly rare antique one-of-a-kind rugs and tapestries. Illulian showroom also accommodates refined contemporary style furniture and unique design objects, carefully crafted down to the smallest details.

Lounge chair flock Noom


NOOM is a young, fast-growing design company from Ukraine that produces furniture, lighting, decor, and home accessories. We create sculptural and eye-catching design pieces that elevate any space, whether it is residential or commercial interior.

Balancing between expression and function, NOOM is a place where design meets art.

Emmemobili space


We have been breathing the world of wooden furniture since we were born.
The world of wooden furniture is our DNA. For five generations.

Over the years we have savored its beauty in all its many nuances, we have experimented, we have opened ourselves up to the extraordinary complexity and refinement of combining various woods with other materials.

Marbles, metals, leathers and fabrics. Oxymorons that, when balanced and mixed in the right way, can create pure poetry.

casabath batroom home


Casabath started with the production of bathroom furniture in 1987.

Thanks to years of experience, acquired in the construction of home furniture, it directs its production towards a high quality and design products, perfectly combining a sophisticated artistry with a technological production.

The company addresses to a customer who is looking for a product studied in every detail, characterized by a high-level design and first-rate materials able to overcome the challenge unscathed, with time, aesthetics and function.

This is one of the reasons that led the company to have an integral production cycle, with continuous monitoring of the various processing phases: from the selection of materials to the final definition of the product, passing through the tests of the construction elements and the experiments of new solutions.

The various production departments are located within the Perignano plant. In addition to joinery, painting and furniture assembly, we find the department dedicated to the production of solid-surface that includes washbasins, tops, bathtubs and shower trays. The production of these items takes place entirely within the department, from mixing raw materials to the finishing. Monolith, Stonelith and Solid Granite, are the exclusive Casabath materials.

Even the processing of aluminum, widely used in our production, takes place in a dedicated department where the extruded bars on our design are processed by controlled machines and then passed to painting and assembly.

Our main characteristic and our winning card at the same time is to propose to our customers high quality products, accompanied by an always punctual customer service.

Mater Bar Design 1

Mater® USA

Mater is a conscious and ethical design brand with a strong design philosophy and great craftsmanship. Through collaborations with an external base of established and fresh design talent, Mater combines exclusive high-end furniture and lighting, with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment. The aesthetic of Mater has clear references to Scandinavian minimalism and the designs are all made with sustainably or ethically sourced materials.

Designed for both commercial and residential use, Mater strive to avoid and minimise any adverse impact on society, by following ethical and sustainable production criteria and creating products that will both stand the test of time and inspire the consumer to cherish and savour them. 

Glas Italia Designs

Glas Italia

Glas Italia, established in 1972 in Brianza manufactures doors, wall partitions and glass furniture, supported by century-long experience of the family glass factory and driven by an inexhaustible passion for glass.
Research and design combined with the most advanced technology, in collaboration with internationally renowned designers, realizing the ideas of their creative talent come true. Sophistication, originality, intrinsic and formal quality are the salient features of all Glas Italia products that are equally adhered to in home, office and contract sectors.

OF Outdoor Steel Kitchen Designs


Manufacturers of outdoor steel kitchens designed to withstand over time: if you love the outdoors and have a garden or a large terrace, you can contact our specialized retailers Of outdoor kitchens to design your designer kitchen with them, to be lived and used outdoors. Outdoor kitchens are an increasingly essential piece of furniture if you love life, company and good food prepared on a professional barbecue.

Palo Alto L- Box

Palo Alto Ibox

Sleek, clean-lined aesthetics and functionality: these are the key words for defining Palo Alto, the new complete night area project. The idea springs from a desire to pamper ourselves: elegant, refined, rigorous and flawless, it enables a complete and “transparent” view of the things we love. Designed by Gianni Bergonovo.



All the charm of a space entirely dedicated to the wardrobe: geometries that fit in every architectural space, modularities that can be perfectly customized, and a wide range of accessories and complements. Designed by Enio Arosio.