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Casabath started with the production of bathroom furniture in 1987.

Thanks to years of experience, acquired in the construction of home furniture, it directs its production towards a high quality and design products, perfectly combining a sophisticated artistry with a technological production.

The company addresses to a customer who is looking for a product studied in every detail, characterized by a high-level design and first-rate materials able to overcome the challenge unscathed, with time, aesthetics and function.

This is one of the reasons that led the company to have an integral production cycle, with continuous monitoring of the various processing phases: from the selection of materials to the final definition of the product, passing through the tests of the construction elements and the experiments of new solutions.

The various production departments are located within the Perignano plant. In addition to joinery, painting and furniture assembly, we find the department dedicated to the production of solid-surface that includes washbasins, tops, bathtubs and shower trays. The production of these items takes place entirely within the department, from mixing raw materials to the finishing. Monolith, Stonelith and Solid Granite, are the exclusive Casabath materials.

Even the processing of aluminum, widely used in our production, takes place in a dedicated department where the extruded bars on our design are processed by controlled machines and then passed to painting and assembly.

Our main characteristic and our winning card at the same time is to propose to our customers high quality products, accompanied by an always punctual customer service.