The fishes designed by Vittorio Locatelli dart in the plates by Antonia Astori. The colors are different from each other, white, black, blue-ocean, completely covered with tiny goldfishes or disturbing larger fishes. A dinner service in which you can admire an aquarium, fascinated by the life that takes place there, in silence.

Designer: Antonia Astori, Vittorio Locatelli

Product Code: DW016L9012D77

Composition: Porcelain

Features: Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, a work more closely related to architecture and design, developed mainly in interior design and exhibition set-ups, alongside a “workshop” activity ranging from decoration to illustration, from graphics to painting in the strict sense. The collaboration with Driade dates back to the early nineties and responds to the company’s multifaceted activities with the creation of objects, the design of stands for fairs, layouts for showrooms and events and the creation of catalogs.